Let your child’s journey begin at Tampa Pinnacle Academy

Tampa Pinnacle Academy is a private, non-denominational school, specializing in the education of children with exceptionalities. Our goal is to provide children and families with a unique, supportive setting-a place to call “home”. Our philosophy is based on the agreement between researchers, educators, and parents, which strongly suggests that early is essential and more is better. We believe that children should not be expected to mold into a classroom environment or teaching style, but rather that the setting and methodology should be developed to suit each individual child.

We believe that the most effective education for our children is one that incorporates a combination of proven methods and teaching principles, deriving curriculum from the reinforcing conditions in the natural environment. We feel that each child’s progress should be monitored not only through observation, but also through frequent data collection and probes. In developing an intensive learning environment, we expect the most from our children. The skills which are learned today will shape their futures. This places a great emphasis on our belief that home and school consistency and collaboration are a critical key to any child’s success. We also know that a child’s success is a family’s success. We believe that parents are central to the learning process and should be fully involved in setting goals and enhancing the child’s overall progress.