Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.
— Benjamin Franklin

Parent Handbook







Tampa Pinnacle Academy has teamed up with YourMark Promotional Products LLC, to offer families a convenient and reasonably priced way to shop for school clothes. Uniforms may be purchased via email using the order form below: 

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Tuition Rates
Prompt tuition payments are required and expected when due. Students whose accounts are 90 days delinquent will be suspended from school until the account is paid or specific arrangements have been made with the business office. Parents will be responsible for notifying the business office 120 days in advance of their plans to withdraw a student from the school.

Parents/Guardians are solely responsible for the student’s tuition, regardless of other funding sources. Tuition will not be refunded if a student should withdraw during the academic year. If there are changes to state or private scholarship funds, the parents will be responsible to meet the full financial obligation of the annual tuition. The parent/guardian acknowledges the financial obligation to the Academy and will be responsible for all collections and/or legal fees incurred to collect any outstanding balance.

Application Fee               $50 New students only. Due with application.

Registration Fee              $525 This is an annual fee. Due with enrollment.

Tuition Fees                     Vary based on student need and classroom placement. Tuition may not       be determined until a classroom is selected.  Please contact the Business Office for current tuition rates.


The Pinnacle Academy makes no discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnic background, country of origin,
or gender in the administration of education policies, application for admission, or payment program.